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Kenya visit Requirements

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Please take care with the sun it is much stronger than you think even on a cloudy day! At all times sunscreen should be used. It is recommended that a minimum sunscreen Factor 15 be applied at sea level. Spending a long time in the sun leads to dehydration and sunstroke, take special care when you are on boats as the sea reflection intensifies the sunburn factor. Please be sure to drink plenty of liquid during the day (beer doesn't help!).


The Divers Village is very casual and does not expect clients to dress up. Shorts, «kikois» and T-shirts are perfectly acceptable. Outside the Village, please respect the local custom, which is mainly Muslim. Therefore please keep yourself covered and do not wear swimming costumes or scanty attire in and around town. Some of the smarter restaurants have a «long trousers» policy in the evening.


Diani Beach is a safe place. However common sense should be applied at all times. Remember you are in a third world country and «poverty does exist», as such be aware of petty thieves. DO NOT stroll on the beach or on the road at night (especially with your Rolex Watch and camera). If you have nothing to steal on you, nobody can steal from you!


Various kinds of transport are available. Should you wish to hire a car, motorbike, vespa or bicycle, please ask at reception, they will organize this for you. Most people travel by taxi or matatu*. Book through reception for a Taxi. Matatu (local busses)–please ask any of our Kenyan staff for a detailed explanation! Divers Lorry–you are welcome to travel on scheduled trips for shopping.


There are many Beach Boys who operate on the Diani Beach and some clients do experience harassment. The best way to deal with them–if you have the patience–is to ignore them. However, some of them can be very persistent, please ask them politely to leave you alone and if you have any major problems, please report to the Office Manager who will report them to the police. Beach hawking and harassment of tourists is illegal in Kenya and Diani Marine does not condone their activities on the beach. Please do not book any tours or excursions with beach boys, as we do not wish to support them. Diani Marine will not accept any responsibility for deals gone wrong with beach boys/local dealers.


All along the Kenyan Coast you are at risk from malaria. Please check with your doctor or travel clinic which prophylactics are best. The best form of prevention is to make sure mosquitoes do not bite you! Always use insect spray after dusk, keep yourself covered up as much as possible and sleep underneath a mosquito net.


A good local doctor is available if you require one. Please contact the office for details and make sure that you keep all receipts for your insurance claim upon your return home. Check African insurances and health issues with ► AMREF/Flying Doctors
Scuba Diving
kite surfing
Sea Safaris



Visiting Kenya, you should go on a safari! If you want to experience an individual access to magnificent landscapes, abundant wildlife and adventurous atmospheres – we know how to do it!
Kenya has some of the finest game viewing in the world and we highly recommend not to leave Kenya without seeing at least one wild African elephant. There are many options to visit some of the most spectacular game parks in Kenya, including the famous Massai Mara, Tsavo East & West and our local Shimba Hills National Park which is only 45 minutes drive from Diani Beach. Other recommendations are Samburu, Lake Nakuru & Naivasha
As guidance we have listed a list of
Wildlife Parks


For active guys you can meet your challenges at Mt. Kenya or Kilimanjaro( Tanzania). We can organize tours and safaris for you to experience the splendid scenery, even across country borders!


Dive into cultral heritage of Mombasa. Visit markets, the old harbour or Fort Jesus.


Conservation is very important in Kenya. The Colobus Trust aims to protect the monkeys of Diani, specifically, but not exclusively, the rare and beautiful Colobus Monkey. Tours around their centre and the surrounding forests are both enjoyable and informative. Maybe visiting the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is one of many options.


Biking through mangroves, jungle and the tropical rainforests of the coast. With varying degrees of difficulty available keep your eyes open for rare birds, monkeys and all the creatures of the bush. ► more


Diani Marine operates Kenya´s leading 5* Padi Diving Resort, providing up to date diving gear, almost all Padi diving courses and a big variety of diving excursions and sea safaris ► more


For snorkeling you will find boundless possibilities and offers. Just in front of the Diani Marien Divers Village you can go out by yourself and book one of the local Ingalawas (typical wooden sailing boats of fishermen). You might think about a nice trip along the coast with one of our sea safaris visiting the Kisite Marine Park, Wasini Island, Charlie Claw’s or Pilli Pipa ► more


The fishing season begins in late July and runs through to early April. There are 2 monsoon winds that prevail on the Kenya coast. You have a chance of catching small game fish such as Wahoo, Kingfish, Barracuda, Dorado, Giant Trevally and Yellow Fin Tuna. Three of the Marlin family is found off our coast. Black, blue and striped. Black marlin are found throughout the year, blue and striped marlin are best from January to March. Most operators in Diani support tag and release of Billfish. For more information, availability and costs please contact the Diani Marine office.


H2O Extreme is the No. 1 kite and windsurf centre on Diani Beach. The school has the latest equipment from Naish Hawaii. Kitesurfing lessons are given by IKO certified instructors (RYA curriculum). ► more


The challenging 18 hole, Par 72, Championship course measures 6,084 metres (6,632 yards) and is a venue for top international golf tornaments. Leisure Golf Club hosted the Africa Zone VI Golf Tournament with nine participating countries. ► more
Dive boat MV Maisha
Get ready for diving
Diani Coast



Absolutely recommended. Offers an excellent choice of coastal seafood served with a personal Austrian touch. Relaxed atmosphere by the beach makes sure you enjoy your dinner. ► more


Join for lunch or dinner in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Kenya! ► more


Best original Italian cuisine on the Coast


Situated right next to Diani Marine in an old lime stone cave, which provides for a most romantic setting. Fresh seafood a specialities. Get there on foot! ► more


Offers traditional Tandoori / Indian cuisine at very reasonable rates. Prior booking through the office with free pick-up and drop-off. Do you like it hot? ► more


Try the real african food. Take a taxi.
Cave Restaurant
The Sails Restaurant
At Nomads
Swahili Beach Restaurant
Enjoy a cocktail at our bar


Marine Pool Bar

The bar is open every day and usually closes at 7.30pm. However, the bar will stay open if clients are there. Special garden BBQs and dinners can be arranged on request with the office, with a minimum of 10 persons required to provide this service. If your are a resident at the Divers Village please sign for your drinks on your room number.


Come to Tiki Bar Diani and feel the Tropical Vibe with Cocktails and Tropical Fusion Food. ► more


A good local Kenyan pub for cheap beer and pool. Situated less than 1 km from Diani Marine. You can get there on foot, turn left at the main road and head south (approx. 5 minutes walk). If you are ordering food expect to wait longer than normal. Taxi service available during night time.


»The« local Kenyan disco. Offers a variety of entertainment including traditional dance shows & the «Big Mama». Expect to pay a minimum entrance fee of around §00 KSH. Do not go before 12 p.m. the action starts late. They also do a fantastic late night roast chicken. Open till the early hours of the morning. Take a taxi after dark. Located approx. 500 m south of Diani Marine Divers Village. ► more

Please notice: Some locations do not accept credit cards. Information and reservations at the Diani Marine reception.
Old Mombasa map
Fort Jesus
Member of Digo tribe
Historical Mombasa
Local housing


The romantic coastal area of Kenya has a history stretching back over 1000 years. Greeks, Persian and Arab traders frequented this coastline and evidence of flourishing maritime trade can be found gold, ivory and slaves were sent to distant lands from here.
In 1548 the balance of power along the coast changed, when Vasco da Gama ordered his fleet of Portuguese ships to anchor at Malindi. This seemed to have ended a 200-year struggle for control between the Portuguese and the Arabs.

Later Mombassa was taken by the Portuguese and the massive fortification of Fort Jesus, was completed in 1593. Less than 40 years later the Arabs wiped out the garrison, lost the town again and re-captured it after a three-year siege over the years of 1696-1698.

Despite the Arab success, European expeditions in the middle of the 19th century exercised a powerful influence on life at the coast and the interior beyond. All these influences have left their mark on the fantastic patchwork of race, religions, tribes, languages and customs that can be observed among the people of the Kenyan Coastal Region.