Pre-bookings on request (not included)

  • Cook for € 25/day. Service: 3 meals/day
  • Shopping, i. e. fresh fish from local fishermen (Transport & shopping not included, not available in Safar-Tent)
  • Beverages in Mini-Bar (to be replenished on request)
  • Fresh pastries (to be ordered before 10:30 am for the next day
  • Home made marmelades of the season
  • Beauty-Massage, pedicure & manicure (pre-booking)
  • Laundry services (charges)
  • Taxi on your expenses

Services for kids

  • Babysitter (charges, pre-booking)
  • Baby/child bed, incl. mosquito net
  • small bathtub
  • kids toilet
  • kids high chair